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This site aims to expose the way the mental health system fails and re-traumatises adult survivors of severe childhood trauma and abuse.

The sad fact is that the current mental health system fails and re-traumtises many victims of severe childhood trauma and abuse.  Rather than being helped many are ignored and thier lives are blighted by contact with mental health services.

Problems exist such as

  • Putting male convicted sex offenders in the same ward and sometimes the next bed as female victims of sexual violence.
  • Wards being smeared with excrement (hardly a place for battered wives etc to regain a sense of self worth or human decency)
  • Frequent misdiagnosis due to very poor training on abuse issues
  • Because of such poor training “professionals” assume some survivors are beyond help and are incurable.  The system then witholds any appropriate pyschotherapy and effectively gives up on such patients.

….the list goes on! This site will look at some of the issues  survivors face!


5 responses to “0. About

  1. Heather

    Thank you for starting this blog. I have only just read the ‘About’ section and can already see the worth of what you are doing and how it echoes with what I have been thinking for the last 6 months, after going through a series of very traumatic experiences (abusive, but not sex offences) and finding myself sectioned, with nobody charged with my care actually listening to the circumstances that precipitated my mental distress.

    Being an attractive woman, I was put in a mixed ward and subject to harassment by male patients, which was never dealt with by staff and nothing ever done to reassure me. I had also heard from more than one patient that rapes had taken place on this ward and the absence of emergency alarms or privacy blinds in the rooms did nothing to reassure me.

    The thing that really chimes with me about your blog however, is when I was moved into a female only ward, the amount of women I met who were the victims of childhood sexual abuse or the survivors of rape. It seemed to me that their mental distress or self-harm were reactions to what had happened to them. As a postgraduate sociologist trained in scientific research methods, I would ask in community meetings why there wasn’t an emphasis on dealing with these issues or allowing the women to dispel their anger in a constructive way. I was always given short shrift. One young nurse told me that it would be too distressing to do this on the ward and so there were things in place to help them do this outside when they were discharged. Having been discharged and spoken to others with whom I was on the ward who have now been discharged, I know this is not the case. They are simply left with their diagnosis and their drugs and a support worker if they’re lucky and that’s it.

    Psychiatry is just a further form of coercive abuse in which women are allowed no agency or voice. I would love to hear your response and keep up the good work.

    • Trauma Blogger

      Yes, I think this is something hat needs highlighting in the press… although how we’d get them to take an interest I don’t know….

      • Heather

        Also, an awful lot of attention going to mental health in the media due things like recent doc series ‘Bedlam’ (which – call me cynical – seemed like one big advertisement for psychiatric services in South London).

        But I think it’s important your voice is added to the conversation because ‘formulation’, (i.e. the underlying causes behind presentation of symptoms in patients) is generally not considered that important in psychiatry.

  2. Heather

    Well you’ve already got the foundations of a substantial press article on your blog. I would pitch a piece to Guardian Society or at least send out a press release for your blog to as many publications as you see fit.

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